Saturday, May 05, 2007

Small streams (I am in love)

Saturday morning I decided to take a look at some small streams no more than an hour drive from my home. Small streams are true treasures, best of them usually hidden and hard to find.

A road less travelled - From Small Streams

I found the stream.

From Small Streams

And finally had time for my precious little girl.

From Small Streams

She is even more amazing than I thought. She casts like an angel, and none of the fishes - ranging from 35 cm to 42 cm or about 14" to 16.5" - were match to her.

From Small Streams

New fishing season is beginning.

From Small Streams

I am in love, and alive again.


Jay said...

Nice pictures Olli!
I also love fishing light rods on small streams.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. I love small streams also, something so intimate about fishing them.

The Mad Fishicist said...

Gorgeous fish. Good to feel the tug? Looking forward to the next report.

opax said...

Thank you all!

After the winter it feels good to just be there, but to know and feel that trout are also there is great.

The Mad Fishicist said...

Se on erittain leaunis leala. Olet varmasti hullu.

opax said...

Hopea väri kertoo että se on viettänyt talven järvessä ja vasta vähän aikaa sitten noussut jokeen.