Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three things of importance

An Illuminated Tree

It has been on the river bank for decades. It has been in the sunshine for thousands of days. But for the first time it was illuminated for you.

A Discussion and the Practice of the Underhand Cast

In this cast, leader and fly are used as an anchor to load the fly rod against tension of water. When the timing is perfect, and only then, the fly line will shoot like an arrow from bow. Practice it a hundred times, and each time you do it right (maybe once or twice in first hundred casts), you feel it like you had never really cast before. It is that magical; a pure form of joy.

A Piece of Wood

Once living, now dead. It served its purpose and still does.


Varo said...

I agree with you about the underhand cast. It´s a great cast and very useful. I like it and I usually practise it in the river and in my casting sesion. It´s a bit dificult but when I lern to do it more or less well...

opax said...

It's a cast that I need a lot of practice with.