Friday, May 18, 2007

The Proof

It's a small stream, so the pool is a miniature version of the ideal pool. It has all the characteristics however: strong current feeds it from upstream run, its bottom drops deep slowing the current and trapping drifting insects into the turbulence. The current gathers again at the tailout where the trout lie.

The pool must be approached carefully, taking cover from bank and trees, and finally casting a streamer to the current. The streamer mimics the dying minnow perfectly, swimming slowly, flashing its side, slowly but surely dying as an easy prey. The animated death sequence becomes prolonged, yet the fly is left untouched.

Same pattern in a different color, the motions repeated but the results remain. Give the pool a rest.

* * *

Later the line is rigged with two nymph patterns and a spilt shot. One of the flies is a flashback caddis larva pattern and the other is more natural and subtle nymph pattern.

The take is so subtle that it is almost unnoticeable. Tighten the line and a trout is on. It is hard to judge its size, and then it splashes water throwing the hook. There is only one person near the pool so it is clear who should be blamed.

New cast and eyes fixed to the end of line drifting through the pool. The motion stops just before it should speed up.

Just before landing the trout it becomes evident which fly has been accepted. And that is the best part.

A fly tied and designed by The Mad Fishicist.


The Mad Fishicist said...

Olen todella ylpea sinusta ja itsestani.

Mahtava kuva.

opax said...

Thanks TMF. Its the fly that makes this more than just another fish.

Belle Etoile said...

You did NOT write this! Have you ever considered teaching English in Finnland?

Anonymous said...

Lovely words and oh, that is one mighty looking fly....

opax said...

Thank you Belle Etoile and Alistair!

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