Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fast Action Fly Fishing

Yesterday evening my water thermometer showed remarkable +9º Celsius in Nokisenkoski rapids.

That was conformed by actions of fish: grayling were very active in faster river sections and brown trout were also there. For me this means a lot. No more boringly slow fishing in wide slow current runs and pools - finally some "true" fast action fly fishing in fast water.

Small #18 hare's ear nymph with golden beadhead worked better than bigger caddis larvae patterns that I excepted to work...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How do you carry your stuff?

A fly fisherman is equipped with lots of stuff like tippet pools, fly boxes, water thermometers, scissors, and whatever. And somehow all this stuff is carried along wading the river. How do you do it? When I started fly fishing in the 80's, it was easy to answer this question. Fly fishing west was the way to go. But today there are lot more options available.

In past few years I've been lessening the load. That means I only carry things that I need - or at least think I will need. If I don't use some gadget then I will leave it home (or in the car). And when I did leave a big load of stuff out of my fly fishing west, I noticed that it had lot more pockets than I needed. I was starting to look funny (well - even more funnier than before).

First solution was a chest pack. I used it more than a year. Chest pack was - and still is - good solution, because it has only limited space available. That way I had to think what I really needed - and I was able to leave even more items home. Chest pack was all right, but I felt that mine was bulky and not that practical.

This season I will finally try a wading jacket. I haven't had a wading jacket before, which is strange. It seems so logical choice as I usually wear a jacket anyway.

But what do I do when the weather gets too hot? Maybe I'll stay home... Doubt it.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Fly fishing and more -blog

Fly fishing and more is an interesting blog... I found it after searching the internet for Ad Swier's Passion for pike. Blog entries in Fly fishing and more are much more interesting for me than Swier's Pike book however.

It is funny how internet searches sometimes work.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Caddis Emerger

It is fly tying evening at the club tonight again. I think I will be tying some Tabou Caddis Emergers. It is a new fly pattern for me. I have some caddis emerger patterns (Emergent Sparkle Pupa and Klinkhammer), but this thing looks so good that I couldn't resist buying one "Whiting's Brahma Hen Soft Hackle with Chick-A-Bou"...