Monday, February 26, 2007

New Family Member!

It's a Girl!
From Fly Rod

She is 7'9", 2 7/8 oz. For a 5 weight, she is small and light--but strong!

Mom is doing great and daddy is really proud!
From Fly Rod

This is my new Orvis Superfine Fly Rod. It's a prize for winning the Finnish Trout Conservation Competition organized by The Orvis Co Finland and Finnish Fly Fishing Forum

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From Fly Rod


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the newest bundle of joy. One thing about Orvis - they know how to make a rod tube look pretty cool... 8-)

- Mike - said...

That looks like a beauty. Let us know how it casts and fishes.

opax said...

Will do, Mike.
I think that I need a new reel...

Anonymous said...

WOW....that is one sweet reward for a job well done/written....can't wait to see the fish you break that baby in with.....I'm sure she'll be memorable.!!!!-VERN-O

Ed. said...

She's a beauty! And yeah, your'e not going to put a USED reel on her, are you? Bad, bad parenting.

Jay said...

Great looking rod Olli!
I love the light rods from Orvis. I got three of them, all rods of the older Superfine series from the 1980's. Real gems!

Enjoy & let us know what you think about it?

Ps. Have you EVER consider getting an Orvis rod before? in my youth Orvis was THE brand in fly fishing.

opax said...

Thank you all.

Ed, used Reel? Unlikely. :-)

Jay, actually I have not considered Orvis rod very seriously. I believe that in 80’s the Orvis Company wasn’t much present in Finnish market. I’m not sure. This is one fine fly rod for sure.