Friday, February 23, 2007

"And Now for Something Completely Different"

The Market Hall building is one of the most precious buildings in Kuopio. One of the most precious persons in Kuopio, a friend of mine and the best web designer I have ever known, took this picture a few weeks ago. If you want to see a set of splendid pictures he has taken visit his flickr gallery. His ‘My lonely tree’ is breathtaking.

Copyright (c) Jaakko Kemppi. Used with permission.

I know this is not directly fishing related, but the statue does hold two fish. And imagine how good a trout picture would look if enhanced like this one. Yes, it is enhanced, almost enchanted. The picture above is actually three pictures with three different exposures. The technique is called high dynamic range imaging (HDRI).


The Mad Fishicist said...

you ought to take him fishing with you as your official fly fish photographer.

opax said...

Thanks for the idea. It has been agreed that we go to the river together. He’ll take a picture of the fish I'll take. And then, he said, he’ll eat that fish (raw).