Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We Fish

From Trout

Many fly fishermen practice ‘catch and release’ fishing. Most of them kill a fish or two every now and then.

A decade ago I thought a lot about this question.
Here is my conclusion:
1. The fish in your hand: it is better to release than to kill.
2. The fish in your hand: it would have been better not to fish at all.

So I almost stopped fishing. But instead I decided to stop thinking.

It is -9 ºF / -23 ºC.


Rick Passek said...

I cant agree more. Stop thinking, life without fishing to me is not a life I want to live.

- Mike - said...

Well that's an interesting way to put it Olli. I must admit that such thoughts have been through my own head. I don't stop thinking so much, but have grown to accept that I need to fish, and the fact that I release most of my fish is simply an important way of making sure there are fish there tomorrow.

opax said...

From the point of view of a fish, it may be better that no predation would take place. But there are other points of view. And, in the end, can we actually and truthfully take any other point of view than our own?