Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fly selection - Part 2: Caddis pupa

During the fall I think a lot about my fly selection. This is good time to read my fishing diary and make fly tying agenda for the winter.

Last year I had a single caddis pattern. Well, actually I had few others as well, but I mainly fished with only single caddis pattern. That pattern was Green Deep Sparkle Pupa and it worked very well.

This year I tried multiple patterns. (Check the previous post.) For some reason I didn’t tie any Green Deep Sparkle Pupas and came to the conclusion that I should have tied those ugly little bugs.

Now, as the season is ending I have a choice to make for next year. Should I return back to single pattern or use multiple ones? The answer is actually easy, I go with multiple patterns. Why? Because there are many different caddis pupae present during the season and I believe that they are best presented with different patterns – at very least I need different sizes and colors of single pattern.

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