Saturday, September 09, 2006

Red Tag

We are going to Kuusamo after two weeks and I tied few grayling patterns just in case. One of the most famous grayling patterns of the world is the Red Tag.

Here is a variation of Red Tag by Finnish master fly-tier Veli Autti. This variation creates more caddis pupa shape for the fly and adds some weight.

Red Tag (variation by Veli Autti)
Thread: Brown
Hook: Grubber size 10, (here size 12 heavy wire grubber hook).
Tail: Fl. orange red wool (here fl. orange antron yarn).
Body: Peacock herl over lead wire, almost reverse tapered; caddis style.
Hackle: Partridge (here mottled grey Hen). Cut fibers from top.
Head: Working thread, this fly has a real head, so it is bit over-sized by mainstream fly tying standards.


Jay said...

Funny, the Red Tag and the Palmer were the first flies I used when I started fly fishing. I fished for roaches and rudds here in the small ponds.

When started fishing for trouts I've never looked back for these flies... Maybe I should take them along with my next trip.

opax said...

I have been planning some sort of Classics box. Only classical wet flies, few "real" streamers (like Gray Ghost or something) and Catskill style dry flies... Such box must be made of aluminium...

Jay said...

I love tying Catskill dry flies!