Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I should have tied the Green ones

Last season I used Green Deep Sparkle Pupa pattern and I was very happy with the results. For this season I made both Yellow and Olive variant of Deep Sparkle Pupa and Emergent Sparkle Pupa patterns in various sizes. For some reason I did not do any Green Sparkle Pupas. Well I have catched some trouts with my Sparkle Pupas but their success has not been anywhere near what it was last season. I should have tied the Green ones.

Instead, I tied Edwards Pupas and Tabou Caddis Emergers. Again a few fish, but nothing remarkable. Last week I even tied some Supar Pupas. I'm going to give them a try tonight, but I have a feeling that they don't work for me. I have even prepared some silicone bodies for pupa patterns because we all know that silicone can do miracles.

But the problem is not in the different patterns. It is in me. In this season the streamers are working so well for me that I don't fish good with pupa patterns. I also do well with dry flies, but pupas don't work.

I should have tied the Green ones.


Jay said...

You know I have NEVER tried the Sparkle Pupa.
I don't know but it just looks too much like a ET / Alien to me!

But that's because my to-go fly is the bead head pupa and that doesn't look like a tasty nymph either...

opax said...

For me the Sparkle Pupa looks like a bug. Ugly as h*ll.

But for some reason it looks like a pupa for the fish: Last summer I fished at Kiveskoski (Testicle Falls/Rapids - gotta love that name) in Kitkajoki (Kuusamo, Finland) with two fly rig while caddis were hatching. I had #16 Green Deep Sparkle Pupa and other fly that I varied constantly. I got about 15 (quite small) graylings that evening. 14 of them with sparkle pupa, 1 with Black Zulu variant in curved hook. The fish bite Black Zulu only when other grayling was all ready hooked on Sparkle Pupa with the same cast.