Sunday, August 13, 2006

½-way there

I am now 35 years old (and currently recovering from the birthday party). I have a lovely wife, two children (boy and girl - naturally). My own house and mortgage. Two cats. A car. A job that pays well but is not very inspiring.

Do I need to read the Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis?


Jay said...

Haha! You're doing great Opax!
Just enjoy your family life as well as fly fishing and you might skip your mid life crisis!

Uh.... I might have to do the same thing the coming years...


opax said...

I'm not sure. The Finnish Centre for Pensions send me a letter yesterday.

I'm old.

Jay said...

Maybe they just want you to stay away? :)

opax said...

I should be working for about 30 years before I get full pension... Maybe I am not that old after all.