Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Streamer: Supertinseli

This is the streamer I have been using a lot this season. It is known as Supertinseli and it has lot of variations. One on the bottom row is closest to the original. It is fast and easy to tie and looks more like salt water pattern than traditional freshwater trout stream streamer.

Supertinseli (Hannu Pakarinen, early 1990s)
Hook: Short shank wet fly hook. Originally sizes 6 - 4 but can vary.
Thread: Black.
Under wing: Silver Flashabou, cut or trim to shape.
Wing: Darker shade of flashabou, cut or trim to shape.
Head: Dubbed black Fly-Rite or antron. I usually don't tie head at all for Supertinseli.

One variation has short red or fl. orange dubbing near head of the fly. I use Ice Wing instead of Flashabou.

This pattern can be fished like normal streamer with the downstream swing, but the most effective way is to cast upstream and strip a little bit faster than current.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, interesting. I'll bet Ian Rutter would like to take a look at this one - he's a serious streamer guy.

opax said...


hmm.. I found his real life mail address from his site

Should I mail a few streamers to him?

Anonymous said...

Just noticed your reply. If you sent him some, I'm sure he'd try them. He fishes streamers a *lot* during the year.

opax said...

Ok. I'll tie some streamers and send them to him.