Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Beginnings and Endings

Local Fishing Club opens its doors this evening after summer break dedicated to actual fishing part of this sport. I’m not able to go today, but next week I will – unless I go fishing that evening.

Most of the rivers here close after the September the 10th. This is because of Spawning season of Brown Trout. Rivers will open again at November the 15th. But bottom line is that the brown trout season is ending.

I will have a chance to fish grayling in Kuusamo at the end of September. There is also one river near my wife’s father’s house where I can fish stocked rainbow trout few times.

I bet that Tom will fish whole autumn. I do envy him… At least I have more time to tie flies than he does.

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Anonymous said...

This morning I saw scattered spots of frost on the grass field next door, but the high today will be 85 (F).

Here in the mountains, we've got a ways to go before it's Fall, but it's closing in.

Due to regulation changes, we can fish all winter too. Two years ago we hit wonderful BWO hatches most of the winter, but last year, high water flows ruined it.