Friday, January 12, 2007

Operation Midnight Sun

Although this hardly is a matter of National Security, it probably is as close to it as I am ever going to get. I was contacted by Agent VERN-O (that’s his Screen-Name), and have conducted some research for him. The thing is that I can break Navajo-Code just as good as next guy (i.e. not at all), but I do can break Finnish-Code. Well, actually that is not the whole plot.

To put all the pieces together you have to know that the following facts:

1. There is an organization called FIPS-Mouché.
2. The abbreviation comes from words “Fédération Internationale de Pêche Sportive Mouché” which translates to “International Federation of Sport Fly Fishing”.
3. 27th FIPS-Mouché World Fly Fishing Championships will take place June 13th - 20th 2007 right here in Finland
4. VERN-O is in a contest to become Fly Fishing Team USA's Official Fly Tyer for 27th FIPS-Mouché World Fly Fishing Championships.

He asked for help and I said yes. I have read a lot of Finnish information about Competition water: River Simojoki and Lake Veitsiluoto and send vital parts of that knowledge to VERN-O. I have also discussed with a competition fly fisher who fished the very same competition waters when our 2006 National Championships were held. And this information has gone to the United States via secured satellite uplink. Naturally I can’t give you the information I have given to VERN-O. For all I know, there just may be a Delta team, watching my actions, ready to take care of things in case I do something stupid.

Only known picture of VERN-O with a rather mighty Brown Trout. (c) VERN-O. Used with permission.

Here are some samples of VERN-O’s prior work (we, in the Intelligence Community, refer them as “bugs”). As you can see it is serious no-nonsense hi-tech fishing devices we are talking about!

(c) VERN-O. Used with permission.

(c) VERN-O. Used with permission.

According to my statistics well over 50 % of this site’s readers come from United States so it is only fair that I do this favor to representative of my most loyal audience.

Anyway I thought that I go partially public here, as insurance, but if this is the last post of this blog, you will know that things have not worked out as they should have. If not, there might be few leaks of information coming later. Stay tuned.

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