Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dahlberg Diver. Tied by Jay Lee

From Jay Lee

The Dahlber Diver is a pike fly. This one is tied by Jay Lee. Thank you Jay!

I'll be casting a fly for pike in May, but not this one; it looks far too good to be ripped to pieces by pike's sharp teeth.

Take a look how well this monofil supports the zonker tail.

From Jay Lee

And this is how the deer hair should be clipped.

From Jay Lee


Jay said...

I like the background! :)
Makes the picture very classy indeed

opax said...

Glad you like it Jay. It's a wall behind our kitchen stove. I wanted to take a picture of this improvised "studio", but my other camera's memory card was full. Problem with the setup was that because of the stove I wasn't able to move my tripod close enough to the fly to take better quality close-ups

All about the grab said...

Yes I have to admit its a classy looking fly.If there is one fly other than any of my pike popper collection I couldn't do without and that would be the Dahlberg diver patterns.Oh and no Fly should stay boxed never to be used.time and effort went into tying it and needs to be out on a line being stripped back.
Great blog by the way

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