Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blogs of Note

When I look back the first month or two of my blog and compare that to the Trout Waders by Bill Anderson I can only say “Wow”! That is quality stuff coming from Canada.

I would also like to thank Thee Trouthole at Thee Ass Hooked Whitey for this compliment:

Opax -- Olli lives in Kuopio, which is in eastern Finland -- eastern fucking Finland!!!! His blog is good -- much better than those other pits of fly fishing despair.

And then there is of course Tom Chandler's Trout Underground blog (which you all know already). Nobody can make post title like he does:

No Bugs. No Rises. No Trout. The Underground Whines.

Can you beat that? Anyway, if you are in position where decent fly fishing opportunities are nil, it is nice to read about Tom’s BWO trips to the Upper Sacramento River.

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