Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Coming season

Wyatt noted that it’s about 50 days before the Columbia Basin's finest stillwaters open for a new season. It got me thinking. Here, in middle Finland, first reasonable trout fishing starts around late March or early April. February Red stonefly nymphs will swim/crawl/climb out of slow flowing stretches of our streams to snow covered banks and hatch. That means dry fly fishing opportunities too valuable to miss after a cold and dark winter.

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In May the water temperature will rise to levels which draws prey fish from deep pools and lakes to the running water. And after them comes the hunters: big trout. Statistically May and June are best time of the year to catch the big one in middle Finland. And I’ll be there, hunting the hunters, casting big streamers (hopefully with my new custom made fly rod).

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The end of May and beginning of June will bring first caddis hatches as well as small yellow mayflies which always gets me and fish exited. In many ways I look forward this time: the action level is so high, water is still cold enough that big trout doesn’t flee to lakes and those less fanatic fly fishermen are still dreaming of summer and haven’t realized that the season is at full swing.

Please don’t tell them.

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