Monday, November 13, 2006

Classic flies

Lately I have been tempted by the idea of classic flies. This is somewhat in contrast to my personal view of fly tying. I am very practical and simplistic when it comes to fly patterns.

Below is an example of my streamers. These are Supertinseli patterns. They are easy to tie (about 3-4 minutes per fly), use only artificial materials and they are killers when it comes to effectiveness.

Supertinseli streamers
From Fly-patterns

But would it feel better if I would caught a big trout with the Grey Ghost instead? Or how about a classic winged wet fly instead of POPA Caddis?


Mike said...

I tied up a few patterns quite similar to these ones last season, but didn't get round to fishing them much. Do you target trout with these flies? How do you fish them?

Mike said...

Ok opax, and I have another question.. How do you get the image background to your blog title??! i.e. the bit behind 'opax-flyfishing'?

sorry for the inane comment :)

Trout Underground said...

Would you feel better using a classic pattern? Variety is the spice of life, and part of the fun is exploring the lesser-visited aspects of fly fishing... 8-)

opax said...

Tom, you are right. If it gets boring - better change it.

Mike, about fishing supertinseli style streamer:
- Original method is upstream cast and stripping a bit faster than current. This is supposed to mimic dying prey fish. Works, but is rather exhausting way to fish.
- I fish mainly across. Across and upstream or across and downstream. Strip-pause, strip-pause.
In both styles floating line is used and the fly is very near surface. It is often visible to the caster.

opax said...


Blogger question. I edited the html-layout.

1. I toke off round corners in #header wrapper section of Blog Header by commenting line:
/* background: #476 url("") no-repeat left top; */

2. I changed url-link of my background picture in #header section of Blog Header to:
background:url("") no-repeat left bottom;

The picture used in header can be found on my first post of this blog.

I hope this helps. You can send me email if you want to see my html-source code.

opax said...

Mik, and yes - I do target trout with supertinseli patterns.

Mike said...

Thanks for that opax :)