Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My first dry flies for the Atlantic-salmon

Last night I was planning to tie some flies for our friends overseas. I have promised to mail some flies for Ed and Ian this week. However I found out that I was tying other flies with my friends at the fishing club.

Potemkin and Bomber - Dry Flies for Atlantic-salmon
From Fly-patterns

One on the left is called Potemkin and the other one is Bomber. Both flies are tied on #6 hooks and are intended for the Atlantic-salmon. As I mentioned earlier I have never fished salmon and these are first flies in my soon-to-be-purchased salmon fly box.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute - you're sending flies to that no-account slacker Ian Rutter? While your bestest friend in the blogging world goes without?

Ohh, treachery! (Was that appropriately Shakespearian or what?)

Beautiful Atlantic Salmon dries. Now I can't wait to see how they work for you. Do you have a trip planned?

opax said...


That flattery gets you no-where! Don't tell me that you didn't notice that the Bomber is missing it's tail because I clipped it off with the deer hair?

Oh, well. I can send you some flies... What do you have in mind? Is there any stoneflies in Upper Sac? That Potemkin pattern is actually a stonefly pattern and it is of Finnish origin.

I haven't actually planned a salmon fishing trip yet.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the flies. It's more fun simply giving you grief.

Actually, just wondered if that wasn't some kind of personal modification.

It's fly tieing - you never know.

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