Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Extremes of Weather

Our climate system seems pretty messed up. After a cold and harsh late fall/early winter that I reported earlier, the weather has now changed from one extreme to another. The snow we had has now melted. Last Sunday it was +7 C or 45 F, so I went fishing. I know that good things rarely last so this was most likely my last trip this year.

I fished for few hours and managed to get one (likely) strike. When I was about to leave, one fish finally made an error by splashing the water. It got pretty excited and took my streamer with a jump. It was a nice 50 cm (just a fraction short of 20 inches) brown trout.

Brown trout
From Trout


Jay said...

Yup, the weather is definately lost its way this year...

I'm waiting to get my shorts on again and start wet wading again! :)

treska said...

Good post!!!