Friday, November 17, 2006

Afraid of it

Finnish people claim that Teno is the greatest Atlantic-salmon River of the world. My son and I are standing at the Norwegian soil.
From Life (c) Piia Jääskeläinen. Used with permission.

Back in the nineteenth century it was a month’s journey for British angler to reach the great river Teno at the border of Norway and Finland. But there are documents which indicate that some of them did that journey. It must have been strange sight to local people back then, when funny looking outsiders came with long rods and feathered hooks. There were easier methods of fishing, and still is.

I have never fished Atlantic-salmon. Before last Sunday I had never read a book about salmon fishing. In fact I have consciously avoided the subject for years. This is because I am afraid that I will get passionate about this thing. But my wife gave me this book and I am starting to give in.

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