Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kaamos Blues

So the Christmas is over and it was just about all that it usually is: long waited (for kids at least), too short (for a real vacation), peaceful (at least partly), and depressing (also partly).

About week before came the snow so we did have a White Christmas. For next 5 days weather forecast predicts temperatures from -8 to +4 decrees Celsius (or 18 to 39 decrees Fahrenheit). With snow and rain, that will guarantee to keep my car dirty.

Oh great, I still got the blues. Anyway I had to post something to drop that Christmas picture from top place of my blog.

I don’t remember have I posted this picture before, but this is a fly fishing blog and recycling is a good thing, so here you go:

From Grayling


Ed. said...

I hear ya. Christmas here in the eastern U.S. was weird because it's been unseasonably warm. Doesn't feel like Christmas yet and now it's almost new years. Oh well. Santa (okay, my wife) did bring me a cool 7.1 megapixel underwater digital camera though! If I can ever get back out to the water I look forward to dunking that camera and taking some interesting underwater shots. Happy new year Opax!

opax said...

Oh! I wroted a text-message for Father Christmas and hoped to get a simple Aquapack, but no...

Happy New Year Ed!