Sunday, November 04, 2007

Deep Sparkle Pupa Variation

Green Deep Sparkle Pupa

My favourite caddis pupa pattern is Gary LaFontaine's Deep Sparkle Pupa. Green has been most effective color for me. I have replaced the hackle fibres of the original pattern with lively CDC fibres. This fly is fast to tie and ugly enough for trout to love it.


Jay said...

Hmm... this is interesting.
I've NEVER caght anything on this pattern. But maybe because I've never really given it a chance?

Maybe I should give it a chance.

How do you fish this pattern Olli? Deep down & dead drift or emerging just under the surface?

opax said...

If you try it, try it green. It doesn't look as natural as olive but at least in here it works a lot better.

I fish it deep, with dead drift or tight line method. I prefer the Superpupa, a Swedish pattern, when fishing near surface.

Anonymous said...

Nice fly, looks like that would be a great fly to use here in BC, Canada as well. Could bulk up the body a bit and fish it as a Dragon fly, or a caddis in the lakes here.

Nice, I'll have to tie a few and see what happens.

Rick (The Flyfish Fanatic)

LeRoy Tucker said...

Great looking fly. 2 questions . . . What is the underbody color and is the CDC tied more on the sides or on the back? Thanks

opax said...


The underbody is dubbed olive antron. CDC-hackle is on both sides although it looks like a wing.

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