Monday, November 19, 2007

Trout Rigs & Methods by Dave Hughes


Dave Hughes has always had systematic approach in his books. In Trout Rigs & Methods (Stackpole Books, 2007) he divides trout fly fishing techniques into set of rigs and methods to fish these rigs. The result is an explanation of lots of ways to fish trout. Its downside is certain amount of repetition as different rigs and methods do have lot in common. To my eyes this book is a valuable source book for hardcore fly fisher--over 300 pages of rigs and methods is not for sissies (and I did read it all).

This is starting to sound like a review. I don't want to do that. I simply want to make a few comments about the book. I'll keep it simple: a) lots of fishing techniques in the book, b) some good history stuff but not very much, c) I'm sure I'll put some of these rigs and methods in good use, d) no really deep insight but there are other books for that purpose.

Well, maybe this is a review.


Anonymous said...

Think I will pick up a copy. Last year I read his "Wet Flies", which was good, although not as good as Nemes book. Hugh's "Trout Flies" is a delight though.

Tight Lines

opax said...

I think I need to buy that Nemes book. Soft hackles are a great intrest of mine.

Anonymous said...

On further reflection, having just turned the pages again, it was Nemes book "Two centuries of soft-hackled flies" that I thought was very good.

Hughes book "Wet Flies" is also good with an interesting chapter on 4 masters of the wet fly, namely Nemes, Hidy, Leisenring and Polly Rosborough. (I didn't wish to come over as criticising Hugh's book.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I had never of this book before so I went out and took a look. I picked it up and have read the first 20 pages and it is as good as you say.

Rick Passek "The Flyfish Fanatic"

Just wondering, would you be interested in receiving the book I wrote and do a book review? It is a "How to" book for the beginner, but I would love it if you would do a book Review.
The book is called "The Freshman Flyfisher, A beginners guide for a new generation"

Let me know and I will send you a copy in the new year when I get it from the printers.

Rick Passek "The Flyfish Fanatic"

opax said...

Absolutely Rick. I sent you an email message.

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It's exactly what I need because I like to fish trout and maybe I can get good technique s with his books, I could read that's based on repetitions as different rigs and methods do have lot in common.m10m

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