Monday, October 02, 2006


It has been about three weeks since brown trout fishing season ended here in Finland and I'm trying to cope best I can. Mik at Tamanawis is also suffering from coming end of the season.

So what do I do in October? I should probably get into Pike Fly Fishing, but I haven't. Maybe I will - next year. At this time, the big pike are coming to the shores and are fishable with the rod and fly. There is no seas here, so I can't fish Sea Trout, which would be really great. But no.

However I still have "Stocked Rainbows from Karvionkoski" in my fly fishing agenda... I'm looking forward to that. Lets test if I can have sample from last year here using new Picasa2 Web Album feature.

From Karvionkoski

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