Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hunting the trout

Tom has written an excellent article about Stealth.

I will visit a river Karvionkoski this weekend. Wading part of Toms article gives great advice for this river. It is a short stretch, about 200 yards or so. One bank is deep, virtually unwadeable, plenty of good rainbows and smaller browns. Its all about taking cover and keeping low profile if there is no cover. Moving slow. I visited this river twice this summer and in both visits one trout darted off from my boots. Embarrassing moments - yet it happens.


The Mad Fishicist said...

The Russian River in Alaska is a popular sockeye salmon fishing destination. There is easy access and LOTS of salmon. The sheer numbers of salmon make it unnecessary to sneak around. The sheer numbers of anglers make it impossible for the fish to hide. What most salmon fisherman don't know is that they have accustomed the healthy, giant rainbow trout population to wading humans. The trout don't disappear when they encounter a pair of wading boots. They are actually safer if they stay put. This makes for incredible trout fishing. Relatively light angler pressure and trout who know that the people are out to catch salmon. It's really a lot of fun and a great place to learn to fly fish.

Other places, you'd have to belly crawl to a hole and hold your breath for the duration of your fishing day. Good luck on your trip!

opax said...

Thank you TMF,

I have never fished salmon, but I have an impression that fishing salmon from Pacific Ocean is very different than fishing Atlantic Salmon. The major problem in Atlantic salmon fishing seems to be how to get fish to strike and it is in that way similar to trout fishing.

This weekend's fishing trip. I have bloged long enough to know that I should not post in advance if I am going to go fishing. I mean, it may happen that I don't get any fish...

opax said...

Have you fished salmon TMF?

The Mad Fishicist said...

I fish for salmon primarily for food. It's fun, but not really the fly fishing experience for me. I have a 7wt. for salmon that has seen a lot of action. Salmon here are plentiful and somewhat easy to catch, although it takes practice. I release every trout I catch, but salmon are not safe.