Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ice, you can go now.

holy cow by jazoni
a jazoni photo. Used with permission.

It's March. To cope with it I'm currently reading The Freshman Flyfisher by Rick Passek. Rick is a fellow blogger from British Columbia, Canada. He asked me to write a review of the book, and I will. There is a good chapter about beginner fly selection in his book. Those always make interesting reading.

I haven't tied flies in two months. Not since I made the perfect mobile fly-tying station that is supposed to make fly tying so easy to start that you actually can use that spare 15 minutes for it. I'll be introducing this ground braking innovation to you at some point. Before that, you go and take a long walk along the banks of Tamanawis. There you will find lots of information about fly-tying-somethings. They will help you organize your fly-tying stuff and speed up the tying process. Or, at least they'll keep you busy doing anything but tying flies. Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

It's May!
No Way,
they say...

et cetera, et cetera.

opax said...

Thanks. I finally got it.

Anonymous said...

Just started looking for fly fishing blogs.I now have you book marked and will be following.Just started fly fishing here in B.C.
Will Keep intouch.

Anonymous said...

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