Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Book Review: The Freshman Fly Fisher by Rick Passek

The Freshman Flyfisher by Rick Passek

The Freshman Fly Fisher is the first book written by Rick Passek from British Columbia, Canada. It is an entry level fly fishing book. Main focus is in stillwater fly fishing for trout - covering a selection of flies, fly fishing equipment, and wide range of boats. For new fly fishers living or planning to fish in BC this book offers sound information for fishing locations as well.

Sharing the experience

I like reading beginner level fly fishing books. This is because I believe that within given limitations of pages, the author must write about what he or she thinks is most essential. And I'm interested in the most essential things in fly fishing.

The way I see it, the most important aspect of this book is that Rick shares his fly fishing experience to his readers. The best stuff is where he gets in the details, be it fishing chironomids, different boats for fly fishing, or specific fishing locations.

A Beginners Guide for a New Generation

The subtitle of the book refers to the links for additional information either in Rick's web site or other web based fly fishing resources. I've spent too much time surfing the web for fly fishing knowledge, and so should a beginning fly fisherman. My advice is read as much as you can. And fish more.

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Rick Passek said...

Thank you for the Review. I hope you enjoyed the book.

Rick Passek