Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Peek under the ice

I’m beginning to feel that the off season has been long enough. I’ve noticed that I’m not a winter fly fisherman. Casting a woolly bugger to extremely slow flowing ice cold pool is not the fly fishing I need. I’ve made few trips to a river and seen one lone stonefly. No real hatch, no real action, but that is the way the February Red Stonefly Hatch is most of the time. It’s bad until it’s good and then it’s over. It’s an event easy to miss.

The real fly fishing in Finland starts when the water temperature rises. Last year it was in May. This year it can be little earlier but it all depends on weather.

At the early season, before main hatches, the river bottom is filled with life; lots and lots of growing nymphs and larvae.

They are growing with the anticipation.

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