Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rod Building - Part 3

I have spent too much time thinking and planning my rod building project. I should be doing it at autumn when the rivers close.

I have general idea how fly rod is build - or, in fact, assembled.

But what kind of rod should I build? I do 98 % of my fishing with 5 weight rod, so I have different length 5 weight rods and I do not want to build another like those. Currently I have to options. Either 3 weight 9'6" blank with "slow parabolic" action and 7 weight 10' blank with "medium fast" action.

These blanks are designed for totally different kinds of fly fishing. The light one would be lovely for nymphing and dry fly fishing. The heavier one should do well in still waters and big trout streams and when the water runs high.

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