Saturday, July 01, 2006

Rod Building - Part 1

For over a year I have been thinking that I should build a fly rod. Lately I have been discussing about it with my wife - so things are getting official. In next winter (thankfully still very far a way - and you know what I mean if you have been in Finland at winter), I will build a rod.

I have been told, and I have read, that rod building not rocket science. In fact I have come to believe that it is not difficult at all. Hopefully I will be surprised. I think that the actual manual work is not that difficult. The difficult part is those actions that proceed manual work. Please correct me if I am wrong and hit the Comment button that should be somewhere below.

So, how do I build a rod? This is something new for me - so the first step is to collect information. Sources for this information are discussions with people that have build rods, books and magazine articles, and naturally the Internet.

I have been discussing with some persons that have build fly rods (they are responsible of my impression that rod building is not difficult). I have been reading articles in Internet and magazines about rod building. Maybe I do another round of discussion, read some more articles, and order a book from Amazon.

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