Monday, March 16, 2009

He is going to fish with a bamboo rod of his own making this season

Paul Young Driggs River - 7ft 2in 2pc 4wt

A friend of mine, the engineer, has been busy. Actually, he has not been all that busy as all this began over a year ago, but he has made a lot of work.

Paul Young Driggs River - 7ft 2in 2pc 4wt

Sure he still has a lot of work to do, but I'd state it as a fact, that he is going to fish with his brand new 7'2" 4 weight Driggs River when the greatest evening hatch of the summer arrives.

Paul Young Driggs River - 7ft 2in 2pc 4wt

And, I'm not going to fish with my own made cane rod. Not this summer. (My progress is detailed on the last picture.)

and that's the state of my cane making project


All about the grab said...

I also have several unfinished projects lying around the house that have next summer written all over them....unfortunately none could catch me a fish.

Jay said...

Welcome to the dark side Olli. Bamboo fly rods are addictive!

Shupac said...

Sweet looking rod. I'm curious though--is your friend's rod named for the Driggs river in Michigan?

opax said...


I'm not sure, it is quite possible. The original taper is designed by Paul H. Young.

paper writing company said...

Love it! Can't really wait to start making my own 'boo rod :)