Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Season Shift


A good trout fishing season is not counted by the number nor the size of the fish. I think it is something altogether different, though the fish do play a big part. Good seasons are counted by the memories, and even then not on the quantity but on the quality of the memories. Or perhaps I am mistaken here and just trying to justify too few fishing trips with the quality over quantity crap.

Whatever the case, I had great time fishing last summer. I didn't count the numbers. Even if I had, the season 2007 was probably the best ever. I stopped keeping records a couple seasons ago. This has everything to do with the improvement. The constant drive within me is to become a better fisherman. I just don't believe in statistics; even if I could collect enough data for a reliable statistical analysis, it would just confirm something I already knew. I'm trying to get the bigger picture.

What then will the next season bring? More trout for sure, but also there are projects to finish and new ones to start.

I have the ultimate rod building project to start with a friend. The holy grail of fly rod building. We are talking about split-cane here, bamboo. It is a crazy idea of course, or, crazy enough. When the friend asked, I replied that neither of us knows how to build one, 'we need a book' I said. 'Already have one, makes good bathroom reading", he replied. I didn't bother to consider my resolution any more and simply agreed to take part in the project.

We were drunk but the agreement holds: we are dead serious when the topic involves fly fishing.


The Mad Fishicist said...

man i wish i was in on the ultimate rod building project. imagine the quality of fishing with that one.

happy new year, opax. keep us posted.

opax said...

Happy New Year TMF!

Dejon Hamann said...

I've been thinking along the same lines lately. Memories vs Numbers. Maybe it took a few seasons of rediculous numbers to get it all out of my youthful spirit, but I'm there. And what better way to ring in your new found growth then a bamboo project - right on! Make sure you check out: http://www.flyfishingmain.blogspot.com/ he has a great photo pictorial of just what you need! Very honest blog too - keep up the good work my friend!

Anonymous said...

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- Mike - said...

I'm loving the idea of a bamboo rod. I've never even tried a 'normal' graphite rod yet, but I certainly intend to try.

But bamboo.... now you are talking.