Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Mayfly from Hell

From Life

When I take the kids to park I never leave my camera home. I mostly take pictures of my children, but, as my son pointed out, I also take a lot of pictures of bugs.

This is a mayfly. The picture was taken with strong underexposure, and finally accidentally edited with Picasa's Tint filter.


Anonymous said...

A happy accident. Very cool.

Josiño said...

there was a strange atmosphere, no?

Flytimes said...

Looks like he's just about to go into his power dive. They have to build up a lot of speed before they swoop down and take a mayfly sized chunk of flesh out of the back of your neck.
I hope that there was just the one and that you and the kids are alright.
Good pic.

Diego Mateo Suárez said...

Nice picture!!!

opax said...

Mayflies of doom. They are creatures of darkness and death. When they come in masses, they will sense fear and bring death upon the unlucky. But as individuals they are just about as dangerous as mosquitoes or angry beetles.