Friday, March 16, 2007

We, scavengers

My favorite tackle shop will close its doors at the end of this month. Liquidation sales are currently at -60%. I feel bad for the owners. They have worked years for the business. I talked with one I know better. He has something else to do, which is a comfort, but you just can’t get a way with this kind of incident without any scars.

I bought a fly line for my rod in making: a fast sinking head weight forward line. I wasn’t the only scavenger at the carcass.


Anonymous said...

The Internet has been hard on a lot of specialty shops. Seems like another California fly shop closes its doors every other day.

As for "scavenging" -- you might as well get the gear for half price instead of the liquidator who will pay the shop owner pennies on the dollar...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom.
Internet is both good and bad for fishing. Can't get those advices and friendly personal service from any net based shop.