Monday, June 05, 2006

There is first time for everything

I broke my fly rod yesterday.

I've been fly fishing for about two decades now, but this was the very first time that my fly rod broke. It was a strange moment: I was at the shore of local lake with my son. He was playing in the beach while I was practicing my fly casting. I even put the camera on recording an AVI-clip of my fly casting, so that I could improve my casting skills or at least to see what goes wrong.

Now on that AVI-clip, there is a moment when fly casting suddenly stops. I stand still for a second as I realise what just happened. I wasn't cursing or anything. The worst finally happened - and it happened at the peak of my this years' fly fishing season.

My rod is one of those "Made in USA" with life-time warranty, so the broken part will be replaced. I don't worry about that. I have other rods - so even my fishing isn't compromised while broken parts travel to the USA and replacements are sent back.

But it was a strange moment when I realised what had happened...

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